Buy Fariboles

Buy Fariboles

If you are a fan of the Franco-Belgian comic books and looking to buy Fariboles products, The Kid Collector Shop is an excellent choice. We are very fond of the classic comics ourselves and know the collectibles market like the back of our hands. As a result, we offer our products at a very competitive price and are always aware of the availability of that one product that is missing in your collection. Continue reading to find out which Fariboles products you can buy in our shop.

Buy collectibles of your favourite Fariboles characters

The Fariboles collection features all sorts of collectibles of your favourite comic book heroes for you to buy. In our shop, we have a lot of products from Asterix and Obelix on offer, as well as figurines from Lucky Luke and The Smurfs. If you are a fan of the Fariboles comics, you will no doubt also be interested in our extensive Tintin collection. We offer comic books, busts and statues of the classic Hergé character.

Contact us for assistance

Let us know if you need any help finding the Fariboles product you want to buy. We will be happy to provide extra information about the line-up, or other series, such as the Disney Britto statues or Funko POP collectibles. Call us on +32 (0)490.45.49.39 or send an email to