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The Kid Collector Shop has without question a Disney Britto product that you will love. Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s bright and bold patterns and colours are a perfect fit for all Disney characters, as the vibrant style represents dreams and nothing but joy. The statuettes come in different sizes. Continue reading to find out more about the series.

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Your favourite Disney character in a Romero Britto design

In our shop, we have Britto statuettes of all the classic Disney characters you have grown fond of over the last century. It is refreshing to see the colourful Pop Art style on the iconic Disney characters. Most of the products are made of high-quality stoneware. The Disney Britto line-up even features kitchenware, in the form of a cute and joyful Minnie Mouse canister. If you love this warm style, you will without question also be interested in our other Disney products, such as the Disney Traditions series. Furthermore, we also have a wide range of Funko POP Disney products.


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If you are on the hunt for a specific edition of a Disney character in the Britto or Funko POP series, like Mickey Mouse, feel free to ask for help. We will be able to tell you more about its availability. Other questions are welcome as well, of course. Call us on +32 (0)490.45.49.39 or send an email to info@thekidcollectorshop.com.


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