Tintin / Kuifje - Tintin's Cars 1/43 - Damaged Vehicle (Amilcar CGS 1924) (14cm)


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Official name of figure : Voiture accidentée (album Le Crabe aux Pinces d'Or)

Box : 14 cm x 6 cm x 6,50 cm (L x H x W) 

Paid in cash Upon his return to Berlin, Tintin leads the police to arrest a dangerous Bolshevik and receives a reward of twenty thousand Marks for his capture. After deciding to go back to Russia, Tintin loses no time in buying a powerful sports car, setting out at high speed in the driving rain, and smashing through a level crossing at the same time as the train for Brussels comes thundering along. This racing car which Tintin bought appears to have been inspired by various 1920’s sports cars of which Hergé was aware. A major player among these would have been the Amilcar CGS.

Make: Amilcar Model: CGS Year: 1924 Engine size: 1074 cc Top speed: 120 kph Scale 1/43)

Ref. : 18245 - 18246