Tintin / Kuifje Statue - Submarine (Limited & Numbered) (77cm!!) (°2020)


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In the twelfth album of Tintin's adventures, entitled "The Treasure of Rackham the Red", the famous Belgian explorer takes us to discover the ocean depths. And it is with a shark-shaped submarine invented and built by his friend Tryphon Tournesol that Tintin goes in search of the treasure of the Knight of Hadoque, ancestor of Captain Haddock's family.

Like the moon rocket, also invented by Professor Tournesol, Tintin's submarine is an emblematic creation in Hergé's work. Tintin's shark submarine blends in perfectly with the waters and marine life around the Dominican Republic, near the island and the wreck of the Unicorn.

The first large iconic piece from Moulinsart, the 77 cm model of Tintin's submarine will delight Tintin fans and sea enthusiasts alike and will look great as a decorative object!

Official Name : Sous-Marin

Material : ABS, resin - metal base

Source : Hergé / Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge

Base : 77 x 29,40 x 29,40 cm

Numbered Certificate / production limited  / Year °2020

Ref. : 19174 - 19176