Tintin / Kuifje - Puzzle / Puzzel - “La Bataille de Zileheraum” (King Ottokar's Sceptre) (1000 pieces)


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This puzzle evoking a moment in the history of Syldavia - the confrontation at Zileheroum presented a real challenge so Hergé took particular care to recreate a totally credible Balkan world, not hesitating to take inspiration from a 15th century Persian miniature to forge a Syldavian story. This box of 1000 pieces offers a multitude of colourful characters in action. From page 20 of the book, KING OTTOKAR’S SCEPTRE. and colourful...patience and power! From the album KING OTTOKAR’S SCEPTRE, page 20

 Ref. : 15167 - 15172