Soap Studios - Loony Tunes : Free Tweety (39 cm)

Soap Studios


Soap Studio teamed up with artist Tik Ka from East and Warner Bros to launch the sequel in Looney tunes series, featuring the new Chinese and Western styles of Tik Ka from East. Full of Chinese-styled details, peaceful sitting posture, smashed feathers, elegant and unconstrained. When a bird is free from the cage and able to live, it can finally enjoy a truly free, liberated life.

Soap Studio presents Tik Ka from East's Free Tweety with delicate carving and meticulous handicraft. The level of the art piece is also being promoted by presenting the dynamic or streak of it and the design concept behind perfectly. Each artisan made product comes with a unique number at the bottom and also accompanied by a Tik Ka from East autographed certificate! It is limited edition with 300 pieces worldwide.

Size : 24 cm x 20 cm x 39 cm (H x W x D)

Ref. : 13316