FIGURES & VOUS Statue - Chick Bill - Dog Bull (Limited & Numbered) (20cm)

Figures & Vous


Author(s) Tibet
Series Chick Bill
Dog Bull
Material Résine
Numbered & Limited Edition 250 ex
Character Sculptor(s) Bruno Vaerman
Date of publication 2012
Copyright © Chick Bill de Tibet-2012 licensed by Hyphen
 Dimensions 20 cm (H)
 Ref. 18233 - 18236


2500 pages, 70 albums from 1953 to 2010, dozens of Tintin covers! Does that mean anything to you ?  The western, Arizona, Wood-city... Are you there?

Wood-city, its angry sheriff as stupid as he is stubborn, his deputy so nice, so shy and so blundering ... So ???  Their friends ... a generous and courageous young cowboy, who gives his name to the series, and an intrepid Sioux child.

Figures & Vous would like to salute Tibet's immense talent and pay tribute to his passion and vision of the western by creating a Chick Bill collection.

Dog Bull comes to fight Kid Ordinn, released in November, who was waiting for it.
We can feel that the confrontation is going to be hot and that the pugilism doesn't seem to be far away. A must for fans of this mythical series!