Fariboles - Spirou - Spirou, Groom Vert-De-Gris (21cm)



For a long time I looked in the magnificent album "Le Groom Vert de Gris" for an idea of a statuette that would be up to what Yann and Schwartz had invented... without success: Spirou is so caught up in the story, that taking inspiration from a single box would have seemed reductive.

But Olivier Schwartz came to my rescue with this picture in which, in my opinion, everything was there: the raging gait, the air of insubordination, Spirou dressed in the colours of infamy by the Nazi occupier is determined not to let himself be done!

The "beautiful" uniform provided by the Krauts? He has already made a rag of it! Godfermillard de nom de djue! It will not be said that the little bellboy will let himself be trampled by the German boot! Tudju! What a castard, this Spirou!

Sculptor(s) :  Pascal Rodier
Year of publication : 2010
Author(s) : Schwartz et Yann
Material :  Resin

Numbered certificate / production limited (500 ex.) 

Ref. : 17037