Fariboles - Schtroumpf / Smurfen / Smurfs - House of Smurfs (17cm)



It is in everyone's imagination, this little house, lovingly decorated by Smurfette! We have all dreamed of spending a few days there, nice and warm, near the little fireplace, in the centre of the Smurfs' village! But read again the story imagined by the genius Peyo : this house was originally that of a very "normal" Smurf who didn't ask anything from anyone!

He was dislodged to give a roof to the newcomer! And the newcomer was not satisfied with just staying with the inhabitant, she also created a nice mess in the village!

Sculptor(s) :  Alban Ficat
Year of publication : 2018
Author(s) : Peyo
Material :  Resin

Numbered certificate / production limited (350 ex.) 

Ref. : 17040