Tintin / Kuifje - Tintin's Cars 1/24 - L'auto Mitrailleuse (The Broken Ear) #12 (26cm)


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When he drew the first version of The Broken Ear in 1937, Hergé set his sights on a state-of-the-art Ford. Among the 18 variants of the 1936 Model 68s, he chose the one that, with the top down, allowed him to highlight the characters while making them perfectly visible.

Each car has been reproduced to perfection with a high quality finish.  It is presented in its decorated crystal case.

A booklet accompanies the car - EN & FR version: it will allow you to learn more about the car that inspired Hergé, you will find the archives on the creation of the album of The Calculus Affair and much more!

Official name of figure : L'auto Mitrailleuse (L'Oreille Cassée))

Size : 26 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm (L x W x H). -  Scale : 1/24

Ref. : 18047 - 18048