FARIBOLES Statue - Des Schtroumpfs / De Smurfen / The Smurfs - The King & Smurf (Limited & Numbered) (°2017) (24cm)


SKU: roi

Official name of figure : Le Roi et le Schtroumpf (album : Objectif Lune) 

When boredom is eating away at you, when life seems dull, when nothing makes you smile anymore, wouldn't you like a little smurf to cheer you up? I'm sure you wouldn't be able to resist his good mood and that life would instantly seem wonderful!

Don't worry: the land of the smurfs is not so far away, "all it takes is a little imagination" (Charles Trenet, le Jardin extraordinaire).

Numbered Certificate / production limited (350 ex.) / Year °2017

Ref. : 18310