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Moulinsart - Tintin / Kuifje Yellow F.e.r.s. Seaplane & Figurines

Moulinsart - Tintin / Kuifje - Yellow F.E.R.S. Seaplane & Tintin

SKU: ZB001883 - 1890

This model from the Tintin planes series is based on illustrations from the Tintin adventure The Shooting Star. The yellow F.E.R.S. Seaplane comes with a Tintin figurine. This high-quality product is made from metal and injected plastic, all elements are hand-painted and the model is packaged in a transparent plastic cylinder.

Official name of figure : L'hydravion jaune F.E.R.S & Tintin (album L'étoile mysérieuse)

L x W x H = 11,50 cm x 12,50 cm x 9,00 cm