BEAST KINGDOM - Mini Egg Attack Figure - Disney, Lilo & Stitch - Glutton Stitch (8cm)

Beast Kingdom Toys


Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is gearing up for a summer of sun, sea and sand with a host of new 3-inch Mini Egg Attack action figurines from the wonderful world of Disney's Lilo And Stitch.
Take home a series of seven out of this world Stitch mini figurines that will rock your world!

Each figurine is ready to impress with an individually themed design:

- Mermaid Stitch: The fairest Stitch of them all is chilling on the beach with a sand costume fit for the seas!
- Elvis Stitch: The king of rock never fails to impress with his smooth moves!
- Guitarist Stitch: Music runs in his genes, so why not sit back and take in some of his sweet tunes!
- Super hero Stitch: Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's a cute, hungry alien here to save the day and eat your cake!
- Glutton Stitch: A foodie at heart, Stitch is never far away from something he can devour!
- Surfer Stitch: A cool, wave catching dude, turning heads and making a splash!

Using the very best in manufacturing techniques from the Beast Kingdom team, the 6 Stitch MEA series is for fans of the Alien with a penchant for fun. Order your set today!

Ref. : 19225 - 19226