ATTAKUS Mini-Figure - Trolls de Troy, Pack de 3 schfoumpfs (n°2) (Limited & Numbered) (4cm)


SKU: C783

Dive into the universe of the Trolls de Troy comic book series and discover this pack containing 3 Smurfs figurines!

Collector statue in resin numbered and limited to 1500 copies worldwide. Sculpted in France, and hand painted. Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. Height: 4 cm for each statuette.

The Smurfs are characters from the Trolls de Troy series (23 volumes published), written by Christophe Arleston and drawn by Jean-Louis Mourier.

Trolls de Troy series :
Troy is a world populated by humans, trolls and other creatures more or less monstrous. The humans all have magical powers, ranging from making hair grow to making teeth fall out. Trolls are creatures seen as wild by humans, but very civilised from their own point of view; they hunt everything that comes within their reach (smurfs, humans, petaurs, dragons...) and are physically very strong. They only fear one thing: water that could wash them, which would make their flies flee.

Sculpted in France and hand painted.

Size : 4 cm (h). -  Limited : 1.500 ex.

Comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Ref. : 17622