Attakus - Kookaburra - Dragan Preko (32cm)


SKU: C766

Dive into the universe of the comic book series Kookaburra (by Crisse and Mitric) and discover its hero: Dragan Preko!

Collector statue in resin numbered and limited to 499 copies worldwide. Sculpted in France, and hand painted. Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. 

Kookaburra is a space opera comic book series created by Crisse.

20,000 years after a message was sent from Australia to Earth, several peoples in the galaxy want to fulfil the prophecy for their benefit. It announces that five children will have incredible powers that the cry of the kookaburra will awaken.

Earth sniper Dragan Preko is sent with Skullface, a soldier disfigured during an operation, to the planet Dakoi to free the last knight-sorcerer capable of helping understand the prophecy. But the Amazons of Lilith's matriarchy, the Earth-allied Queen of Callytes, the Wombat witches and the clones of the Black Prince are also on the hunt for the five children.

Size : 32 cm (H) - Limited at 499 ex. + certificate (original packaging)

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