WETA Replica - The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies - War Helm of Dain Ironfoot


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The Dwarves of the Iron Hills were a tough people; courageous, indomitable and canny in the working of ore they mined from the ranges in which they dwelt. Thick-bladed axes they wrought, and armour, hard and expertly fitted. All among their army bore iron helms, but the grandest was saved for their king, Dain Ironfoot.

Fashioned after a boar, a crest rose high above the bowl of Dain's helm, maned with red and black quills that shone beneath the sun. From its cheeks curled bladed tusks. Of great weight was the king's helm, but Dwarves made light of such burdens, and in truth the bone of Dain's skull was every bit as thick. Even helmetless he could render senseless Orcs twice his size with a swift head butt.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.