Fariboles - Asterix - Cléopatra (°2020) (19cm)



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Capricious, tyrannical, charming ... and above all : what a pretty nose!
This cute Egyptian queen has a strong character! She is determined to stand up to the great Julius Caesar ... and if he does not comply immediately and does not submit to her demands, she will not hesitate to ask her favorite pet to back up his orders with a loud and unequivocal roar!

Let the "great" emperor take it for granted!

Sculptor(s) :  Eric Delaval
Year of publication : 2020
Author(s) : Uderzo et Goscinny
Material :  Resin
Size : 13 cm × 10 cm × 19 cm

Numbered certificate / production limited (350 ex.) 

Ref. : 15878 - 15880